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The journey begins in 1916 when my grandfather, Don Santiago Toraño, emigrated from Spain to
Cuba. Upon arriving on the island, he immediately fell in love with the tobacco leaf. Santiago Toraño
first became a broker of leaf tobacco. Soon thereafter he was blessed with three sons: Jaime, Jose and my
father, Carlos Toraño. As the sons grew up, they all became involved in the tobacco business. With the
involvement of the three sons, the family transitioned from being brokers of leaf tobacco to being one
of the largest, most respected and well-known growers of the Cuban tobacco leaf. By the time of the
revolution in 1959, the Toraño family owned and operated approximately 17 farms throughout Cuba.
The family grew tobacco for almost all of the great cigar factories in Cuba and also exported large
quantities of tobacco leaf to factories around the world, including the United States.

After the Cuban government nationalized the tobacco farms, my father took his passion for tobacco
to the Dominican Republic. Even today, growers in theDominican Republic credit my father with being
one of the driving forces of the Dominican’s tobacco growing industry. My father’s greatest contribution
was introducing the Cuban seed to the Dominican Republic and teaching the farmers how to grow what
is today known as “Piloto Cubano”. After my father’s sudden death at the young age of 57, I continued
my father’s legacy and expanded the Toraño family business into growing tobacco in Nicaragua,
Mexico and Ecuador.

A quarter of a century ago my family started to make a shift into the cigar making side of the business,
shifting our focus from the growing of tobacco to the production of cigars. Today, we are a family cigar
business that operates factories in two of the world’s leading cigar-producing countries, Nicaragua and
Honduras. Quality cigars for a good value is our driving principle. Given our heritage and traditions in
the tobacco growing business, we make only the best cigar blends using a variety of different tobaccos.
We are proud to introduce you to our Carlos Toraño line of cigars, which is available throughout the world.