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Rocky Patel

In an industry built on name recognition and reputation, Rocky Patel's passion has brought his brand to heights unseen by most boutique cigar manufacturers. His hard work and long hours have been paying off in big ways. A survivor of the cigar boom, Patel has outlasted his competition with unrivaled persistence on his quest for perfection. With a grueling travel schedule, office responsibilities and production, Rocky still maintains the enthusiasm that he has had since day one. As he travels the world, putting his cigars in the mouth of his consumers, his passion extends beyond the retailer, allowing his customers the experience of meeting the man behind their favorite smokes. Rocky Patel has created a company that has out shined even those created by multimillion dollar corporations, and he's doing it one customer at a time.

Mr Patel continues his mission to introduce his product to tobacco enthusiast everywhere. Often heralded as the hardest working man in the business, Mr. Patel logs more than 300 days on the road a year; He once visited 600 cities in 750 days. Mr. Patel considers his traveling as time well spent, winning over new costumers in every town. This practice is only an extension of Mr. Patel's enthusiasm for his award-winning cigars and his commitment to his customers. Mr. Patel also hosts trips to his factory in Honduras, giving his customers a chance to discover fine craftsmanship in person. The dedication in the factory is translated into a quality cigar that is enjoyed all over the world.